Monday, October 20, 2014

Are you our FNSI winner?

We’ll find out, but I bet you thought we weren’t having a prize this month?

I was being sneaky and didn’t mention it because I was lining it up but, there IS a prize and there IS a winner!

I’ve had a quick visit to some participants, just to see what we all got up to….

Jacquie finished this gorgeous cross stitch, but I really don’t know how she managed it.  Drop by her blog to see what happened to her on Friday night.

and Michell managed to stitch up one of my Let’s Start Christmas designs, despite having LOADS on her plate! Check out what’s taking up all of Michell’s time.

Keryn was going great guns too, getting loads done until THIS happened.

So many things happening on Friday night….and not all good……so it’s just as well I brought Mr RNG along to pick a winner for this wonderful prize….

This month, one lucky winner will win a 12-month subscription to .

Online Quilt Magazine Vol 1 No 1 Cover

The Online Quilt Magazine….a Premium Online Quilt Magazine, with More than 50 pages of great Quilting Stories, Hints and Tips, How-To's and Bonus Patterns for you each and every month.  You know we can never have enough inspiration, and I’ve subscribed to this mag for the past few years and love when it arrives each month….it’s always a cup-of-coffee-and-escape- into-the-world-of-quilting-time for me!

So before I enlist Mr RNG, have you had a chance to visit all our stitchers from the FNSI?  If not, make a point of popping back HERE and clicking on their links….lots of gorgeous stuff happening, that’s for sure and yes, another great cuppa-and-escape time!

ok…..Mr RNG has been spinning his generator and has come up with……



Congratulations and I’ll be getting in touch with you with details of how to claim your subscription, I just know you’ll love it!

Can’t wait till next month!  Jot it down in your diaries….November 21st

Sugary hugs xox  :o)


Saturday, October 18, 2014


I had a bit of a blow out last night as this week was mayhem….. volunteering at the op. shop and tutoring Monday and Tuesday, Funeral for a work colleague Wednesday, and Thursday - Friday I was working at the op shop again…….the first full week of work on my feet since my operation 3 1/2 years ago and my knee didn’t like it one little bit!  But it’s recovering well…..however, last night I was totally knackered and didn’t get a great deal done.

Had a bit of secret cross-stitching to do but lost motivation after about 3 rows and then I thought I might get started on a hexi for Our Craft Group Hexi Flower Swap.

IMG_5026 (1024x863)

It got to 11pm and I got this much done and I just  couldn’t do any more….. I didn’t even have the energy to move from my chair to get to bed!  Don’t you hate that??

After a good sleep I’m feeling motivated so I finished it off this morning. It’s ready to be sent to my partner…..early!

IMG_5027 (1013x1024)

Now, I had big plans for sewing catch-up this afternoon, but after running into a friend this morning whilst shopping, she reminded me the Pink Lady Breakfast, a fundraiser for Breast Cancer in our district, is on tomorrow….the one I promised to make 80 booby biscuits for!!! Yikes…….I truly thought it was next weekend!  Guess what I’m now doing all afternoon??? (and I daresay well into the night!)

IMG_4992 (1024x1024)

But I don’t mind a bit….. it’s all for an exceptional cause.

Make sure you pop on over HERE to visit all the other ladies who linked in and stitched with me last night at FNSI.  Get your stitchiness on!

Sugary Hugs xox :o)


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

FNSI Sign ups

Can you believe it?  It's here again.......I LOVE absolute favourite time of the month...when we have our get-together, come together in one place and have time to stitch and quilt, knit and sew, all over the world and just generally share what we're up to...

my husband calls it 'stitch and *itch' time!  ..... there are just some things men don't understand!
It's total mental health time!

So.......get yourselves ready ........ get your nibblies in order ,  a cool (or warm) beverage organised, ooh and your stitching and link your blog up with us below so we can come visit and see what you're up to!

(If your unfamiliar with FNSI, visit my intro to FNSI on the tab'll tell you all you need to know....if you're still unsure, just email me!)

Sugary hugs xox ;o)

Friday, October 10, 2014

A week too long…

Well, it’s been so long since I posted last……it seems like so much has happened…and it has!

Saturday I worked……my work colleague, who normally works on a Saturday has had pneumonia and I’ve been covering his shifts.  He’s been in hospital and I texted him Saturday morning to let him know we were missing him, thinking of him and just generally checking in to see if there was anything he needed.  He said he was ok but he did say he’d developed breathing difficulties and was on oxygen. 

Sadly, he passed away later that day to a massive cardiac arrest – they couldn’t revive him…..we will miss our gentle giant!  He was a big man, but a solitary man…living alone, with a love of books, music, technology and toys, especially noisy ones….and a quiet, peaceful nature.

Note to self…..never let anything go unsaid…..let people know you care and truly mean it.  Don’t let life slip by you and make sure no-one is left feeling totally alone!  We have a precious gift in our lives….don’t waste it! 

Although he was a loner, he wasn’t  really alone…..all the customers and his workmates loved him, and despite him taking a while to let you inside his shell, he showed he had an enormous, cheeky sense of humour ….. just goes to prove, you don’t always know what lies inside every person……2nd Note to self….never ever judge a book by it’s cover!

We will see him off at his funeral on Wednesday….still so hard to believe!  He was only in his mid-40s!


Saturday night was spent at our annual Relay For Life (Cancer)  fundraiser…..I walked a little but the knee started to play up so I reverted to my job as barista!  I was asked by team leader if I’d make the coffees to sell for the attendees… raised went to the fundraising efforts.  I made some booby biscuits to go with them…..take a look…..


They were such a hit, I’ve been asked to make some for the Pink Lady Breakfast, a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Research, in a couple of weeks.


Our Let’s Start Christmas Stitch a Long finished this week with the culmination of a table runner with a couple of free stitchery designs thrown in for those who had purchased all 6 stitcheries. 

It’s still not too late…..if you head over HERE you can purchase each of the six stitcheries.  If you purchase  all 6 before Sunday 12th, (late evening, my time AEST) then I’ll send you a link for the finishing instructions with the bonus stitcheries…FREE!  Otherwise the entire pattern will be for sale in my Craftsy store from Monday 13th October. (Just a heads-up…’s cheaper if you buy all 6 now!)

LSC Table Runner Cover


And what a surprise when I received my latest copy of Australian Patchwork & Stitching….I’m a cover girl!  Well, maybe not me per se, but look……

My “I’ll be Gnome for Christmas” quilt made the front cover!…..I’m soooo excited!  And I get to grace the mag with my gorgeous friends, Dawn of Dawn Hay Designs  and Jenny of Elefantz….

(which reminds me, have you been keeping up with Jen on her Holiday Hostess tutorial on her blog this week?  It’s beautiful and it’s never too early to start organising your Christmas gifting!)

For those of you not in Australia and without access to the magazine, I’ve got the pattern available on my Craftsy site now so you don’t miss out!

So much has happened this week.   Don’t let life just pass you by. Keep in mind to always….

work like you don't need money,
dance like no one's watching.

Love like you've never been hurt,
Sing as though no-one can hear you,

And Live as though heaven is on earth.

xox Sugary sweet hugs to you all, :o)



Friday, October 3, 2014

FNWF– I nearly forgot….

Don’t you forget too…..

Friday Night With Friends over at Cheryll’s

and I have it on good authority, she has slice!


xox Sugary hugs :o)


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Put a little ‘Joy’ in your heart – Block 6: Let’s start Christmas SAL

Let’s do a little recap…….

We started this stitch-a-long on Thursday 28th August 2014 where I released one Christmas stitchery block HERE in my Craftsy shop for you to nab and stitch along with me, and then, each following Thursday through to today, I released another.

block 1 noel (1024x1013)block 2 love (1019x1024)block 3. Peace.IMG_4890 (1020x1024)block 4.Faith.IMG_4893 (1024x1013)Block 5.Rejoice (984x1024)

Can you believe we’re up to the last one, number six, already?  It’s flown by so quickly….a bit like this year has, hasn’t it?  Which is why you don’t want to be caught short, leaving your Christmas planning till……..later???   I know I’m usually the one to do that, and before I know it, it’s Christmas Eve and I’m madly rushing around trying to organise things.

Block 6 JOy

This year I want there to be Joy throughout the Christmas preparations with not a tear in the house, which is why I’ve left this wonderful Christmas word till last, as my constant reminder! 

Could you believe, over on the Facebook Group page (yes, we have a group page for the Let’s Start Christmas stitchers!), a few of the girls were trying to guess this week’s word….and one lucky Miss did!!!   Good on you Teresa, you clever little thing you!  If I’d thought about it earlier, I would have suggested everyone had a go and offered a prize for the winner/s!  Never mind, we all now know that Teresa is our clever clogs of the week! Yaaaaay.

So, pop on over and grab your copy of this week’s block - ‘Joy’.  For only $2USD, it’s a bargain!


Next week, on the 9th October, a pattern for a Christmas table runner featuring all 6 stitcheries (and a little extra stitchery freebie) will be available FREE for all those people who have bought all 6 blocks.  I’ll be emailing it out to you on the 9th. 

But don’t worry if you haven’t purchased yours yet.  You’ll still be able to buy all six patterns until the 8th and still qualify for the free pattern with extra stitcheries……OR…….. I’ll have the entire pattern with all 6 blocks to purchase , with the additional stitcheries, for $14.95USD.  It’s up to you!

Just think what quick gifts you could make using any or all of these sweet blocks.

IMG_4784 (2) (768x1024)

Now, I best go and put the finishing touches to the table runner!  I really want there to be Christmas Joy in our house this year!

xox Sugary hugs :o)


Wednesday, October 1, 2014


It has been one hectic week or two around here…..surprise visits from a brother from down south whom I haven’t seen for a couple of years, working ‘full-time’ (or much more than usual) as one of our key staff members came down with pneumonia and was taken to hospital, (and yes, he’s getting much better) and organising meetings for a new artisans association in our district….getting it off the ground has been a full-on experience…..writing policy documents and organisational structures etc has been a time-warp-kinda-experience that’s for sure - I’ve really had to step back to my teaching and management days.

And now I’m preparing for our Relay for Life this weekend, which has snuck around kind of quickly…..I wasn’t expecting it quite yet, so meetings for that and, phew, I’m exhausted!

But unexpectedly, my wonderful man noticed my ‘stress’ and brought me a gorgeous flower from the garden to remind me to STOP….and smell…..


Isn’t it just perfect? (and isn’t he wonderful?) The photo doesn’t quite do it justice as it has such a gorgeous deep apricot centre that flows into the rich colours of sunset……just an amazing creation.  I am lucky in so many ways!

It was also a ‘pleasant’ stumbling block when the television stopped working last week….it gave me the perfect opportunity to sit at my machine and catch up. Normally I get home and flop in front of the telly with a coffee and ‘veg’ for a bit.   But I’ve managed to catch up on my ‘Tis the Season’

IMG_4972 (1024x1024)

IMG_4973 (1024x1024)

and today being my first ‘free day’ for a while, means I get to catch up some more, and hopefully even finish it!  After the obligatory housework of course…….

(via Google Images)


which makes me wonder……why don’t houses come in a self-cleaning mode? Whoever patents that will be one rich and very clever bunny! I know, I’d be first in line….forget first person to Mars…..I’d rather have a self-cleaning house, wouldn’t you?!

Speaking of which, there’s a load of washing to hang out………………. Rosie???????

xox Sugary hugs :o)