Friday, August 29, 2014

Almost Finishes

Wow…..thank you to everyone for such a wonderful response to my new Christmas Stitch-a-long yesterday……I’m overwhelmed and, dare I say, relieved!? 

You never know when you ‘put something out there’ how it will be received….sometimes, when you love something you’ve created, that you’ve put your heart and soul into, you find no-one really has the same ‘love’ as you do…it’s a bit shattering…..but, I’m learning, that’s all part of designing, and I’m grateful for what I’m able to do, that’s for sure.  I wouldn’t change it for the world.

IMG_4786 mod

However, the response to the first block, “Noel”, has blown me out of the water….I’m so happy as I really like this one…and the rest are pretty good too (if I do say so myself *insert cheeky grin*).  We made it to number one on the Craftsy Top 20 list so you should see my puffed up chest now!  I’m really honoured and proud!

crafsty trending no 1 (1024x576)

So it’s a hearty, THANK YOU to you all for supporting me in my quest to spread some Christmas cheer!  And if you haven’t got your block yet, you can do so HERE….and don’t forget to join our Facebook group to share your progress and share the button on your sidebar.

lets start Christmas SAL button

Now, apart from that…..I have been finishing some other stitcheries……

The final block……

IMG_4794 (1024x768)

my Quilty Stitches sampler is done (but not framed!)  I bought a frame yesterday that I thought would be ‘perfect’ but I didn’t realise the size meant from edge to edge, not the inside frame size so it was too small….off to look for another today! Sad smile

IMG_4792 (1024x768)

Another finish (almost)….well, the stitching part….

IMG_4790 (768x1024)

terrible….not even pressed!  You can still see the hoop marks! *eek*  This is a Natalie Bird from The Birdhouse design.  An oldie, called “Old Friends”…..see?  I am getting through some of my K.A.R.T.S. and UFO’s, at last!

Off to visit the surgeon today….hubby has to have 7 teeth removed next Friday….they’re trying to discount abcesses causing a blood disorder he has developed!  Prayers and/or positive thoughts appreciated at all times gratefully. We’re really over doctors and hospitals this year!

Sugary hugs xox :o)

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

New Release - Block 1: “Noel” Let’s Start Christmas SAL

Well it’s finally here, the start of our Stitch-a-long and the release of the first block.  Did you guess it would be the Noel block?  I think you would have!  

noel cover1

The series of six 4-inch Christmas stitchery blocks will be available one a week, starting Thursday 28th August 2014 and each following Thursday through to 1st October.  On the 8th October, a pattern for a Christmas table runner featuring all 6 stitcheries (and a little extra) will be available. 

IMG_4784 (2)mod2 (768x1024)

Pop on over to my Craftsy store to buy the first pattern….at only $2, it’s a steal!  Don’t forget to add the Let’s Start Christmas SAL button to your sidebar, linking back here and then join in the fun on our facebook group page

lets start Christmas SAL button

Can’t wait to see what everyone makes with their blocks!

Sugary hugs xox :o)

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Let’s start Christmas, shall we?

I do hate to scare you, but did you know it’s only 18 Thursdays til Christmas?  Well, 17 really because the 18th one is Christmas Day…..well, here in Australia it is, anyway!

I know…..I got quite a shock too when I worked it out but never you mind….you still have plenty of time to get started on your Christmas gift planning, and have I got something in mind for you!

Remember I showed you these just the other day?  …..

IMG_4736 (1024x768)

well, they’re my new Christmas stitchery designs.  I’ve deliberately hid most of them from you on purpose…sneaky huh?

There are six 4 inch stitchery blocks, simple enough for even the novice stitcher to do  (I’ll be giving instructions ranging from easy-peasy to those for the more experienced stitcher). 

Each Thursday for the next six weeks, I’ll release one of them…..(I bet you can guess which the first one is)….as a PDF pattern you can purchase in my Craftsy shop….don’t worry, I’ll remind you here.  And the wonderful thing is, you can use them in any way you want… a pocket on a bag,  a framed stitchery or two, or three, a wall hanging, a mug rug, a Christmas gift giving book cover….the ideas are endless.   Even better, each pattern will be at the bargain price of $2USD.

  IN week seven, I’ll release the pattern I created for a table runner using all six of the stitcheries.  Here’s a peek of it’s progress…..

IMG_4784 (2)mod2 (768x1024)

Can’t show you too much more….that would spoil the surprise now wouldn’t it?

  • So, make sure you stop by my Craftsy shop on Thursday and pick up the first pattern.  The rest will be released -
  • September 4
  • September 11
  • September 18
  • September 25
  • October 1
  • with the table runner released on October 8
  • and on October 23, there will be a prize draw for those that have been stitching along…..but more on that later! (I’m full of surprises today, aren’t I?)

Don’t forget to jot those dates down in your diary, and grab the button below for your sidebar

lets start Christmas SAL button


If you haven’t already done so, why not follow me by email…that way, I’ll come straight to you and remind you at your house!  Just fill in your email address on my sidebar and I’ll come and visit you often!

Don’t forget to share the Christmas love and….

Have a great Monday and

Sugary sweet hugs xox  :o)

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Incriminating evidence

Yes, we did have a ball last night and YES, I did get incriminating photos but before I reveal….here is where we went…..

IMG_4753 (768x1024)

our local golf club was the setting and we were greeted with a forest of Christmas trees, Santa’s mailbox and a line up of reindeer.  A peek inside revealed a wonderful setting…

IMG_4754 (768x1024)

so much effort was put in by the organisers……and you knew we were still in North Queensland with the gecko climbing the wall (even though it wasn’t real….they’re everywhere!)

IMG_4755 (1024x768)

IMG_4756 (768x1024)

the table settings were wonderful….

IMG_4760 (768x1024)

as was the view out onto the golf course at sunset…..don’t you love the perfect purple sky that matches the Christmas decorations?  See….the organisers thought of everything!

IMG_4759 (1024x768)

And then …….Santa arrived…..(aka Mr Sugarlane)….

IMG_4761 (768x1024)

He divvied out presents and brought smiles to young and old….

IMG_4763 (768x1024)

Jolly ol’ St. Sugar……he was in his element, pillow, fake beard and all! (Don’t you just love those googly glasses gifted to one of our attendees?  If you look closely, they have 3D eyes on them…..hilarious when he looked straight on!)


I received a funky little feather pen….isn’t it gorgeous?

IMG_4764 (768x1024)

and before we knew it, Santa had gone………..and Mr S returned……in cognito, of course!

IMG_4767 (768x1024)

I must say we enjoyed the night immensely…with all the trouble and strife in the world at the moment, it was a pleasant ‘escape’ and brought our thoughts back to helping others through our fundraiser and turning our thoughts to the true meaning of Christmas all year through.

Sugary mid-year Christmassy hugs xox  :o)

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Christmas in August?

Tonight we are going to a Christmas in August fundraiser……I know, I know…..the tradition is either Christmas in December or Christmas in July, but the local Rotary group were so busy with community fundraising last month, they had to postpone till now…..and guess who they called up for Santa duty?

IMG_4747 (768x1024)

Mr Sugarlane got the duties….here he is practicing his ‘ho ho ho-ing’ this morning! Should be loads of fun…..Christmas dinner with all the spoils, and ‘Santa’ giving out presents.  I’m really looking forward to getting some more ‘incriminating’ photos tonight! LOL 


And whilst we’re on the topic of Christmas, I’ve mentioned I’ve been busy designing six new stitcheries…..Christmas ones…..I’ll be sharing them with you very soon…..but here’s a quick look….

IMG_4736 (1024x768)

I was working on them last night.  I’ll be making mine into a table runner but they can be stitched individually into bag panels, gift items etc…….but more about that later.

Lots more has been happening here at Sugarlane……

some hexi making

IMG_4743 (768x1024)

and now it’s beginning to warm up a bit and spring is certainly here in the north, I’ve been gardening and our crops are ready to be picked sooooo….

IMG_4750 (768x1024)

this beautiful bounty of rosellas, aka wild hibiscus flowers, (not the bird kind!) was harvested ready for jam-making tomorrow….it’s my favourite kind of jam!

IMG_4751 (1024x768)

Not many left now!

IMG_4752 (768x1024)

….well, not at dad’s place anyway……I’m off to pick more from my garden because my plants are full to the brim too!

PicMonkey Rosella Collage

Sugary hugs xox  :o)

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A new FREE B.O.M.

I have subscribed to this online magazine since it’s inception and love it.  I’ve learnt so much and joined in on some great BOMs and this new one is available to EVERYONE, not only those that subscribe! 

in the beginning bom

It’s called In the Beginning and was designed by Cindy Mccoy to help beginning quilters refine their skills, but it’s bold, simple design will appeal to quilters of all skill levels. Basic rotary cutting and piecing skills are all that are required. It’s a 50’' x 50” project that will run as a bonus pattern over 12 instalments, from August 2014 to July 2015.

The only requirement is that you sign up for their newsletter, as it will come out via that format so, if you’re on their newsletter list, you will get the free block each month, with no obligation.

A few rules upfront….

The Rules
1. This Project will be available to everyone on their newsletter list.
2. Each block will be online for about two months.
3. Quilters are responsible for downloading instructions while available.
4. Missed downloads cannot be provided.

So choose your colour palette, gather your fabrics, SIGN UP HERE, and get ready to have some fun!

Sugary hugs xox :o)

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Monday, August 18, 2014

a FNSI winner!

It was another wonderful Friday night shared with so many lovely like-minded gals, stitching the night away…just awesome spending the evening with you all……all 57 of us……having a ball!

Mr Random Number Generator got busy straight away and picked this lucky little stitcher….

August 14

Congratulations to  Jo @ Butterz…… you are the proud new owner of……

IMG_4721mod (896x1024)

….a metre of Whisperweft and some easy thread needles……will be fab for your stitching, I just know you’re going to love them…I know I do!

I’ve managed to visit a few of you over the weekend and am in the process of visiting you all……such inspiration!  I’m in awe!   If you haven’t had the chance to go and visit everyone, do yourself a favour…the links are HERE.  I can’t wait for next month to see what you all get up to!

Sugary hugs xox  :o)

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